Parking just became easier in the city of Erie, thanks to a local business

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Parking in downtown Erie is getting more convenient, thanks to a new app.

The days of rummaging through spare change in your car before parking are over.  Starting today, paying for meters downtown is as easy as checking your smartphone.

At Mayor Schember’s news conference Friday morning, representatives with the Parking Authority announced the launch of meterEZ.  It’s an application developed by weCreate, an Erie-based website design company.

Christopher Friday of the Erie Parking Authority says, “The team at the parking authority has been searching tirelessly for a couple years now for the right solution. We happened to find the right one right here in Erie.”

The app allows you to pay for a parking meter from your smartphone.  Basically, all you have to do is punch in a meter number, so I’m gonna punch in 400 which is down by Ember and Forge.  From there, you’ll select how long you want your session to be then choose your payment option.

Nate Wheeler, MeterEZ Owner, says, ‘We built it largely without the knowledge of whether it was actually going to get used, so obviously we pushed for it and we’re very excited to see that Erie’s gonna use it and we want everyone in this town to download the app and use it.” 

This app is all about convenience; from the time you park until the time you leave, and even in between. Wheeler tells us, “One really interesting cool feature is that once you’re in a meeting and it goes long, you’re gonna get a notification before you run out of time and you’re going to be able to add time from that meeting.” 

The app can be used at any meter in the city of Erie.  Developers say they are hoping to expand to other municipalities in the future. 

If you do prefer to still use coins, the app won’t affect your ability to do so.  

Also, one thing to note is that after your payment is processed, the notification on the meter will say, ‘Expired’.  All communication will be done through the app.

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