Passenger screening may be a thing of the past for small airports like Erie International

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There’s a chance security could be getting lighter at smaller airports like Erie International Airport.

According to CNN, the Transportation Security Administration is looking into getting rid of passenger screening at more than 150 airports across the country.  The passengers wouldn’t be screened until arriving at a larger airport. Reports indicate that TSA argues terrorist attacks are more likely to take place in a larger facility. 

Travelers passing through the EIA have mixed feelings about the idea.  Ben Cooper says, “I think it needs to be an all-encompassing policy, because if you start to allow cracks then what’s the point, then you’re not actually secure.”

Tom Sacko says, “My safety’s first. You know, I don’t care if it inconveniences me a little bit. I’d rather be safe and know everything’s good when I get on that plane so I have no problem with it at all.”

documents show the move would save $114 million per year.  There is no confirmed list of airports that could potentially be considered.  

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