Passengers from Chicago O’Hare react to coronavirus

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Dozens of passengers from Erie International Airport travel daily in and outbound from Chicago O’Hare. For some passengers, it’s a connection to their next flight.

JET 24 Action News’ Starr Bodi spoke to passengers from Chicago O’Hare about their reaction to the recent case of the coronavirus transported into Chicago.

The second confirmed case of the coronavirus in Chicago raises some concern to passengers and some passengers saw many people prepared while flying.

Chicago O’Hare is a major connection hub for passengers from Erie. Passengers we spoke to traveling inbound from O’Hare say they’ve noticed some passengers were taking extra precautions at the airport.

“I travel quite often up and down the East Coast, a lot of people in masks,” said Beth Murphy, an inbound passenger from Chicago O’Hare. “Kind of unnerving for me when you’re not used to seeing things like that.”

Other passengers, like Dottie Cahall, an inbound passenger from O’Hare, say they’re relieved knowing the Chinese government is trying to meet all necessary safety measures.

“I’m pleased to see China that they’re really blocking up and closing down where before they were saying it’s fine it’s no troubles.” Cahall said.

The CDC and Border Protection is also screening passengers traveling into the United States from China from the virus. Other passengers say this virus isn’t anything to be worried about. However, it’s important to take extra sanitary precautions while flying.

“I’m not nervous about it, this week alone I’ve been in eight different airports, or I will be by the end of the night tonight,” Said Jeff Fees, a resident of Conneaut, Ohio. “I don’t get nervous about it. I try not to touch everything because there’s a lot of people with a lot of germs. I’m more worried about the flu virus then the coronavirus.”

Derek Martin, the Executive Director of Erie International Airport say it’s important to wipe down your seat and area before your departure.

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