Passengers talk experience with storms on board ships

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The anxiously awaited Parade of Sails made its way through the channel and into the bay after being slightly delayed because of some bad weather.

But that didn’t keep people from waiting out the storm.

Judi Santi says, “I had my chair and i had an umbrella and I had some peanuts to munch on and some water. So I was good.”

While those on land were able to duck for cover or wait in their cars, those who signed up to be aboard the historic ships stepped off soaking wet, with what they say was a great experience.

Captain Christopher Trandell says, “Then lightning and then thunder and then all of a sudden it’s the apocalypse. There’s zombies everywhere. And then next thing you know we got about 30 knots of breeze and just blatting, heavy dropped rain. And so we turned up into the wind, took in sails and all the passengers were fantastic. Wooting and hollering and having a great time.”

One woman aboard the when and if says if it had been a nice, dry day, it wouldn’t have been quite the memorial experience.

Linda Stevenson says, “We were all kind of toughing it out at first and then the rain did come down very hard. And so some of us – I’m one of them – ran down stairs because this is too much. Some stayed up and just toughed it out. There was some lightning out there and the wind was blowing because the rain was coming down on an angle. But it was all fun. And then as the sun kind of came out and the wind came out and we came in, actually the last third of the sail was amazing.”

The captains say everyone remained calm, laughed and joked through it.

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