Past Erie Mayors give advice to Mayor-Elect

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With a new mayor elected tonight in Erie for the first time in 12 years, we decided to ask those who know best what the Mayor-Elect can expect when the new era in Erie politics begins in 2018. 

Those experts are two people who have served as Mayor of Erie, Mayor Joyce Savocchio and Mayor Rick Filippi; two people who know best what the newly elected mayor of Erie is facing as he takes over the top job in the city.  A job for the first time in 12 years held by someone besides current Mayor, Joe Sinnott.

What do they wish they had known before taking office?  Filippi says, “you’re not going to sit down in that office and relax ’cause it’s just not the way it is, you have to be a public figure; the leader of NWPA”.

Savocchio says, “It hits you the moment you’re sworn in and your hand goes down because from that second on the responsibility and duty and the work begins”.

Tonight at 11, we hear more about what Mayors Savacchio and Filippi think about the state of the city and what the new mayor will face in terms of issues when he takes office.     

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