Pastor asks community to wait on investigation

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The woman whose home burned in the fire that killed five children is being defended by her Pastor.

Dale Snyder, the Pastor at St. James AME Church is speaking out about Elaine Harris’ situation.

He says there is still an investigation going on and asks that people hold judgement until it’s complete.

He wants people to remember that she is also a victim of the fire, and is mourning the loss of those children’s lives as well.

The Pastor also pointing out that she claims there was more than one smoke detector in the house, and they helped her and her children escape.

Snyder said, “She had smoke detectors that she bought from Walmart, I was told, and they alrmed her to evacuate and got them out of the home. “

The St. James AME Church is asking for donations to help out Elaine’s family, and will also be involved in passing out smoke detectors through the Red Cross and ServErie.

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