Patchwork of military history collected, displayed

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    Memorial Day, 2019  –  Jack Dana is a collector, a collector of military patches, lots and lots of patches.

    He says it all started with one military patch many decades ago.

    That one patch soon turned into two then three, and years later the collection has grown to jaw dropping numbers, with a total of 1,359 patches sewn on blankets. 

    Jack started collecting the patches as a teenager.

    He went to an army surplus store and bought one and that turned into nearly fourteen hundred.

    Jack and his daughter began the daunting task of sewing each patch onto a sheet for easy display.

    Jack served 24 years in the Army, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, and he knows his patches.

    One of his favorite patches is this from a kid in his neighborhood that jack watched grow up into a Marine.

    That neighbor serving at Camp David and on the President’s helicopter where he received the patches.

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