Pelosi dis-invites the president to House chamber for State of the Union Address, Trump responds

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Hundreds of thousands of workers are preparing to miss another paycheck as the government shutdown is now in its second month. And, now the political posturing is taking on a new level.

(Chanting) “No more food stamps. We need paychecks.”

Federal workers who haven’t been paid in 33 days take their calls for action to Capitol Hill.

“I expect the crazy to continue until enough people stand up and say, ‘we’re not taking this anymore.'”

Protesting outside senator’s offices as, across the country, 800,000 people are furloughed or working without pay; many worried about making rent, how to pay utilities, or if they’re going to have to look for new work.

Contractor Lila Johnson for the ISDA Department of Agriculture tells us, “It is rough… All I want to do is go back to work so I can pay my bills.”

But, both sides seem miles apart towards a solution.

The president’s proposed compromise offers temporary protections for certain immigrants, including Dreamers, in exchange for $5.7 billion for his border wall. 

Democrats call that plan a non-starter.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “It embodies the president’s temper tantrum, ‘if you don’t do it my way, I’m shutting down the government and hurting lots of people.'”

The Democrats’ plan would temporarily open the government, but not fund the president’s wall.  

Republicans say that is not a real resolution.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, “my Democratic friends are trying to come up with something, anything to justify prolonging the stalemate.”

Amid the back-and-forth, the president announced he will go forward with the State of the Union Address next week.  But, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly responded with her own letter, disinviting him from speaking in the House chamber.

The president responding moments later, “I’m not surprised… It’s a shame what’s happening to Democrats – they’ve become radicalized.”

Pelosi has responded back to the president with a letter of her own, saying she will only invite him to deliver the State of the Union in House chamber once the shutdown is over.

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