Penn State Behrend hosts Children’s Water Festival

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More than 1,000 fifth grade students attended the Children’s Water Festival at Penn State Behrend.

The festival is a hands on experience to teach kids the importance of water conservation and environmental protection here on Lake Erie.

Joy Knapp, Planning Committee Member says, “We want these students at the fifth grade level to really understand how important water is especially for our region. We live on Lake Erie on the Great Lakes. We want them to understand how they use water and how they treat water. It’s all a matter of water curiculum.” 

Students even learned the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math behind water resources. 

Rich Hall tells us, “We’re teaching this for children about science and how you can use science to do work and do things. We’re teaching the principles of mechanical advantage, how you divide the force and also work which is force times distance and when you have less force you have to pull the line further.”

All these wonderful events fit in with the fifth grade courswe curiculum and enhances what they are learning about in school right now. 

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