Penncrest School District is considering consolidating buildings in their district following the result of a building study.

Since 2020, the district has been investing in improving its facilities but is concerned that enrollment may not keep up with the district’s investments.

Thomas and Williamson, the firm which conducted the study, said that no buildings in Penncrest are functioning above 50% student capacity. One district member voiced her concerns about a merger.

“I’m definitely against a school merger. I feel like when you get to a bigger school, you kind of get lost in the shuffle and there are a lot more kids that get lost in the shuffle. I think having the smaller school sizes allows for more intimate connections with students,” said Mariah Busch, former Penncrest student and district resident.

Following the presentation, some board members said they have no intention of closing any buildings, but a final decision will come at their next meeting on Feb. 16.