PennDOT gives 2021 construction season preview for Northwest, Pa. region

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Highway construction season is upon us.

Governor Tom Wolf and PennDOT has a long list of projects that may cause you to detour this summer. You can expect to see a lot of construction trucks and orange cones this summer throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania. A number of projects are set, including lots of work on Interstate 90.

One project stretches from Springfield Township to Girard Township, reconstructing miles of highway.

The summer work also includes replacing several bridges and building new roundabouts.

“Lots of projects all over Erie County and some major investments that are going to be multi-year projects. That’s what Erie County is going to see is a lot of projects that are starting this year but are continuing into next year and some into the following year.” said Jill Harry.

A bridge is set to be built over the railroad tracks by the Soldiers and Sailors Home. This will make space available for upgrades to the Bayfront Parkway near State Street and Holland Street.

“This is the first part of the project to really get into construction phase, so that project over there by the Soldiers and Sailors Home is being done in order for us to get to the next part of the project, which is the parts along the Bayfront.” Harry said.

Construction of a roundabout at Five Points in Summit Township is expected to begin in November and last into the spring of 2022.

Tommy Chelko lives right by the intersection of Oliver, Hamot and Flower Roads. Chelko says he’s lived by the intersection for over 20 years and has seen his share of accidents.

“My neighbor and I have been saying for years, they should at least put a stop light there or something to keep people aware of that because that is why they call it Five Points, nobody knows where they’re going. If you are new in the neighborhood or traveling through and not knowing the area, it could be dangerous.” Chelko said.

A $15.7 million project will restore 23 lane miles of Interstate 79 from Crawford to Erie County.

Work should be complete this summer replacing the 203 ft long bridge that carries Route 6 over French Creek in Cambridge Springs.

To see a full list of all construction projects this season, you can click here for more details.

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