PennDOT looking for someone to adopt the roadway near I-79 & West 12th Street to help with clean up efforts

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Its an entranceway to the City of Erie and now some people say it looks like a garbage dump.

Plastic, paper, trash of all kinds are littering the area where I-79 and West 12th Street meet.

This part of road is operated by PennDOT and officials say it’s their responsibility to clean it up. But there does not seem to be a clean up plan in place right now.            

PennDOT officials say littering is an ongoing problem for them. It costs them millions of dollars a year cleaning up litter across the roadways.

“We are not able to get out and clean up all of the litter along all of our roadways. We just don’t have enough manpower, that’s were the volunteers come in to help. When we have extreme problem areas then sometimes we will have to use our paid staff,” said Jill Harry, PennDOT.

Harry says PennDOT’s local Adopt a Highway Program is looking for someone to adopt that part of the roadway.

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