Tonight, we learned more about plans for the Bayfront Parkway Project.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said they aren’t ready to start construction yet.

However, when they do start the project, the pedestrian bridge will be the first step.

One spokesperson said they ask for drivers’ patience when construction begins.

She said the improvements will have a huge impact.

“We are very anxious to get it under construction just like everybody else is, because it’s going to be such a major improvement for Erie, for the residents and also for the visitors, for the cyclists, for the pedestrians and for the motorists. It’s going to change the corridor there in a way that we think is going to make it more user friendly for everyone,” said Jill Harry, Press Officer for PennDOT.

Harry said in addition to the pedestrian bridge, PennDOT will also implement two roundabouts on the Bayfront Parkway.