PennDOT prepared for inclement winter weather forecast

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With wintry weather and possible heavy snow squalls forecasted for parts of Northwestern Pennsylvania, the maintenance crews at PennDOT say they’re prepared for any inclement weather.

“Planning is a major component of roadway maintenance at PennDOT. We keep a close eye of the weather, have contingency plans determined in advance of storms, and track our material levels consistently,” said Douglas Schofield, PennDOT assistance district executive for maintenance. “That preparation means crews are ready to meet our goal of keeping the roads safe and passable.” 

According to a news release, salt, anti-skid and other materials are in good supply in Erie, Crawford and Warren counties, as well as Forest, Mercer and Venango counties.

Crews are set to work around the clock as needed to respond to winter weather.

As always, PennDOT urges drivers to also prepare for winter weather, use caution while driving and avoid travel during winter weather conditions.

Motorists are also asked to follow this safety advice while traveling during times of snow

  • Leave early to ensure you have extra time to make the trip.
  • Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits the conditions.
  • Turn on your headlights.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • Increase your following distance.
  • Stay alert, keep looking as far ahead as possible and be patient.
  • Reduce in-car distractions since your full attention is required.
  • Use defroster and wipers.
  • Keep windows and mirrors free of snow and ice.
  • Do not pass a vehicle moving slowly or speed up to get away from a vehicle that is following too closely.
  • Give ample room for plow truck drivers to treat the roadways and never pass between two trucks operating in a plow line. 
  • Always buckle up and never drink and drive.

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