PennDOT prepared for severe upcoming winter weather

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With snow and stormy weather in this week’s forecast, many people are gearing up to drive in these conditions.

We went over to the PennDOT garage in Summit Township where both equipment and operators are ready for the forecasted storm.

PennDOT officials said that 38 snow plows are ready to go. Salt, anti-skid, and other materials are now in good supply.

PennDOT officials are saying that planning is a major component of roadway maintenance. They say that PennDOT keeps a close eye on the weather and that they have plan determined before the storm.

“Seven stock piles throughout Erie County, North East, Albion, South Edinboro, Millcreek and of course here, the one in West County in Albion up on the interstate. So our trucks can get loaded and get out there as soon as possible,” said Tom Mello, Assistant County Manager at PennDOT.

Mello added that PennDOT uses 28,000 tons of salt each winter. He said that the first snow of the year is always hard for everyone and that it is important to take your time while driving.

“People aren’t used to driving. That’s the biggest concern that I have is that people get caught off guard. They don’t have snow tires on, it’s that first snow, make sure they clean the windows off so they can see their mirrors, and they’re taking their time,” said Mello.

One manager at a local auto service ship said that many people are calling in last minute to have their tires changed.

“Today we’ve been receiving a lot of calls. Everybody is trying to get their snow tires changed over last minute. So we’re just gonna try to accommodate them the best we can, get them in and done as quick as we can. That we they’re safe on the road tomorrow,” said Ryan Martin, Manager at

Martin added that cars with bald tires on will be sliding around on the road in this weeks weather conditions.

“There’s gonna be a lot of cars being ditched tomorrow. Some people won’t be prepared. We’re trying to get everyone as prepared as possible that way they’re driving safe and they have no issues,” said Martin.

To view the 511 app which will give you updated information about roads in Erie County, click here.

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