PennDOT preparing for upcoming winter season

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Withe the colder weather approaching, PennDOT is hard at work preparing for this year’s winter.

Preparations are beginning with mounting trucks and plows awaiting shipments of salt for the upcoming snow season.

Snow is the last thing anybody wants to hear as fall kicks off, but PennDOT employees are already busy preparing daily for Erie’s first snow fall.

Truck’s are being mounted with snow plows already, even though it’s mid-October.

PennDOT employees at the Erie Couty Maintenance Garage are already working hard to prepare trucks for this snow season.

“We started this process back in July with the planning part and the physical part we started October 1st and we will continue through the month of November. We want to have all our trucks mounted by November 1st,” said Tom Mello, Assistant County Manager, PennDOT.

That incluses putting on plows, wings, spreaders, and making sure the calivration is all set.

PennDOT employees are also getting ready themselves with training to make sure you are safe when you hit the roads.

“We work the new guys in with the old guys and that experience just kind of filters down through the new guys. It all starts with the preparation process,” said Jay Green, Highway Foreman, PennDOT.

New employee training entails running a plow course and classroom instruction.

“With snowy and icy conditions on its way, PennDOT already has salt of hand to keep you safe during the winter season. More salt will be coming in from seven different stock piles across Erie County.

“We get our initial salt fill starting in October and we’ll get salt all through the winter. As time progresses, we get a little bit more each time. The prices have gone up a little,” said Mello.

It’s up to $5 per ton. Each ton is now over $50. If Erie has a normal winter like past years, that can still add up to $150,000 more of your money, spent on salt.

PennDOT will be ready for winter by November 1st, but we’re all hoping plows and salt won’t be needed until well after that.

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