PennEnvironment releases water quality results for waters around Pennsylvania

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Beach 11 at Presque Isle State Park is on PennEnvironment’s radar to be potentially hazardous to swimmers.

Throughout the year PennEnvironment conducts water tests, now they’ve announced what common beaches in our area have tested positive for potentially unsafe days.

A study surfacing around water safety included an in depth look at a popular attraction that brings crowds to Erie each year.

“Our report finds that beaches here on Presque Isle had unsafe swimming days quite a lot in 2018,” said Ashleigh Deemer, Western PA Director, PennEnvironment.

That spokeswoman further explained that 44 percent of samples taken at Beach 11 tested positive for potentially unsafe water at Presque Isle. PennEnvironments findings also claimed that throughout Erie County the average beach was potentially unsafe for swimming on 19 percent of the sampling days.

Despite the information given today, one Presque Isle representative said this year things are changing for the better.

“Oddly enough, this year we’ve had one of the best water quality years since I’ve been here in 2015. We have only had one closure of a beach for one day this whole summer so far. Really the high water has not been impacting us in a negative way,” said Matt Greene, Park Operations Manager, Presque Isle State Park.

In order to ensure that the safety of the local water continues to move forward, one local State Representative discussed what homeowners and Erie County residents can do.

“Have trees and shrubs along the riverbeds to absorb some of that runoff. Also when we have concrete surfaces or asphalt surfaces, to make sure all parking lots and driveways aren’t running right into the sewer systems,” said Representative Bob Merski.

Of the 28 beaches tested, only one in Pennsylvania did not indicate any potentially unsafe levels of contamination in the report.

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