Efforts to improve Pre-K and early education are being discussed in Harrisburg with Pennsylvania state Representative Pat Harkins (District 1).

Rep. Harkins said funding for the early education caucus is being discussed with a group of over 200 people with help from Governor Josh Shapiro.

He said the issues being discussed range from enticing more people into the field to teach to health issues in students that are diagnosed at an early age to home environment.

“It’s statistically proven that if you invest in early education, you have a downside to funding prisons and things like that in the future. If you look even in our region, the need for funding for students overall, whether it’s technical and trades or anything else, but its roots always go back to Pre-K and early involvement of teachers, and hopefully home parents and things like that,” said Rep. Harkins.

Harkins added that strides have been made over the last couple of years to fund these efforts at a greater level, but he said there is always room for improvement and advancement.