Pennsylvania gas tax highest in nation

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ERIE, Pa. — When comparing gas taxes across the country, Pennsylvania’s is by far the highest. But local travel experts said there’s a reason for that.

Drivers in Pennsylvania pay 58 cents per gallon in taxes alone on a gallon of gas – the highest in the nation.

Washington state has the second highest in the nation, but still 10  cents cheaper than Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s neighboring states paying significantly less in gas taxes. But local travel experts say you can’t compare apples and oranges.

Pennsylvania has the fifth largest number of roads and second largest number of bridges in the nation, according to AAA. And they all need repairs.

In other states, travel experts said drivers will pay $200 in registration fees to pay for road repairs or they’ll have a 9 percent sales tax to fund those fixes.

State Rep. Pat Harkins said he didn’t vote for a gas tax increase, feeling that truck drivers should pay more of the burden.

“You have truck drivers now filling up in New Jersey or Ohio or Maryland and then driving right through using the roads in Pennsylvania and we get nothing,” he said. “We derive no monetary value from that.”

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