Supporters that are pro-choice and pro-life are weighing in on the importance of local elections after the ruling of Roe v Wade and what voters should do before heading to the polls.

A local political analyst also told us how the governor’s race in November could shape abortion rights in Pennsylvania.

Here’s more on how local elections are critical, and what a political analyst said should be expected.

Both advocates are asking voters to go the extra mile before casting their vote on the future of abortion rights.

The power to craft reproductive laws now rests with states as the Supreme Court has ruled to overturn Roe v Wade.

Local supporters that are pro-life and pro-choice agree that local elections will play a significant role in deciding the abortion status in Pennsylvania.

“I think now more than ever people maybe can see the importance of these local races,” said Shauna Jackson, Board Secretary, People for Life.

“The local races are critical because we know that decisions are being made by the courts. They’re being made in D.C. and they’re also being made in Harrisburg,” said Molly Brechtel, Organizer for Erie County United.

That means that on both sides, the real work is yet to come.

“We’re going to educate. We’re going to register voters. We’re going to be visible. We’re going to protest. We’re going to continue to make demands,” said Brechtel.

“Our executive director sends out questionnaires to every candidate no matter what side they’re on just so we can get some answers as to where they stand on the life issue,” said Jackson.

Before heading to the polls to elect local representatives, it’s important that voters know the stance of the candidates.

“Before heading to the polls, make sure that you understand where these representatives stand, because in the political climate that we have today, there is one extreme,” said Jackson.

One local political analyst from Mercyhurst University told us his thoughts on the governor’s race in November.

“What we have in Pennsylvania is a Republican nominee for governor who favors a very restrictive abortion policy, and a candidate for governor on the Democratic side that opposes those restrictions and essentially wants to keep Roe v Wade,” said Dr. Joe Morris, Chair of Political Science Department at Mercyhurst University.

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Dr. Morris said that Pennsylvania’s governor race will be a race that the entire nation will be paying attention to.