Pennsylvania House of Representatives approves House Bill 2513 to loosen restaurant and bar restrictions

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A push to loosen pandemic restrictions on bars and restaurants is now underway at the Pennsylvania House.

The proposal comes as Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf plans to veto the Restaurant Bill.

Lawmakers voted 145 to 56 in favor of the bill which would loosen restrictions on restaurants and bars after more than six months of financial hardships.

After months of financial burden, Pennsylvania lawmakers are pushing to lift restaurant and bar restrictions.

“I think last week’s ruling and today’s vote by an overwhelming majority shows a gross overreach of the Wolf Administration and the position they put restaurant businesses in,” said Chris Sirianni, Owner of BrewErie.

House Bill 2513 would set capacity for restaurants at a minimum of 50% and would allow them to comply with social distancing efforts.

House Bill 2513 would also remove Governor Wolf’s ban on bar services, allowing patrons to sit at the bar.

“Just grabbing a beer. tourists that are coming in and out of state don’t know our restrictions. We’ve been having to sell food and things like that so all that would go away,” said Jason Lavery, Owner of Lavery Brewing Company.

The bill would eliminate requirements that a meal must be purchased in order to get an alcoholic beverage.

This comes just days after the Wolf administration eased restrictions on restaurants allowing them to a maximum capacity of 50%.

Restaurant owners said that it’s been a long time coming to loosen restrictions and it’s humbling to know that local representatives are weighing in.

“Very happy that all of our local delegation voted for it. People turned this into a Democratic Republican issue, but I don’t think that was the case. All the Republicans in the house supported it, but all of our local Democrats supported it as well,” said Lavery.

The Governors press secretary Lyndsay Kensinger said in a statement that the governor does plan to veto the bill and that we must continue to take important steps to protect public health as we head into Fall.

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