If you drive a car, you already know that gas prices are at a record high.

However, if you head east to New York, or west to Ohio, prices are significantly cheaper. This is primarily because New York and Ohio have lower gas taxes than Pennsylvania.

We took a trip along Interstate 90 to see if locals are heading out of state to fill up.

We caught up with several individuals from Pennsylvania who said that they drive out of state to get gas just to save money.

If you filled your gas tank up on Tuesday, you likely paid $4 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline.

“I cannot believe it’s getting so high and people can’t afford to go anywhere let alone drive anywhere to go to work,” said Shannon Jackson, North East resident.

Just over in the state line in New York, gas is $4.19/gallon at the Loves Travel Plaza in Ripley.

That is 30 cents cheaper than here in Erie. It is also the reason why so many people travel across the state line to fill up.

“It’s the cheapest around. Everywhere else is $4.50 or $4.40, and I’m in high school. I don’t have money to be wasting on gas. So it’s always cheaper to come here,” said Kalynn Heaton, North East resident.

And come June 1, gas in New York state will be even cheaper. That’s because the state fuel tax is being cut by 16 cents per gallon until December 31.

Many counties are also capping the county fuel tax. So depending on where you fill up in New York, you could save an additional 25 to 30 cents per gallon.

“When I drove past the ones in town, I realized how high they were and I said well I’ll check it on my phone and online on the internet, and they seemed cheaper. So I came out here,” said Shannon Jackson, North East resident.

Heading west into Ohio, we caught up with drivers filling up at the Loves Travel Plaza in Conneaut where gas is $4.13/gallon.

That’s 36 cents cheaper than here in Erie.

“Anytime I come over to Ohio to do business I make sure I fill up and usually here before I go back because I know I’m going to be dealing with gas prices that are 40 to 50 cents higher in PA,” said Patrick Deck, Fairview resident.

Whether it’s a short or long drive for people to fill up their car out of state, they said it’s all worth it to save some money.

“I live in Albion so it’s not that far, and it is worth the 15 minutes to save that much in gas,” said Terranie Bryant, Albion resident.

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Legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania State Senate that would reduce our state gas tax by 33% until the end of the year. So far that bill has not made it out of committee.