Pennsylvania State Education Association calling for remote learning due to increased COVID-19 cases

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Pennsylvania’s biggest teachers union calling for several counties to turn to remote learning over in-person instruction. It comes as the COVID-19 numbers continue on an upward trajectory with no signs of leveling off.

Taking a look at the numbers, 38 counties across the commonwealth currently have a “substantial level” of community spread, leading to the Pennsylvania State Education Association to make a call to action.

Pennsylvania’s largest educator’s association demanding remote learning for counties with a “substantial level of community spread” of the coronavirus.

Currently, the state health department guidelines– “Substantial community spread is either a 10% or a 100 cases per 100,000, saying in a statement:

“It is absolutely unacceptable for any school district to disregard the advice of medical professionals and scientists during a pandemic and put the safety of students, staff, and their families at risk.”

Rich Askey, Pennsylvania State Education Association President

As of Friday, Erie County has 724 active COVID-19 cases. Following a number of record setting days, Erie’s Public Schools proactively suspending in-person learning as of Wednesday.

PSEA spokesperson Chris Lilienthal saying Erie County remains at a moderate number of cases that would allow for in-person learning.

“It is appropriate for a school district in Erie County to be holding hybrid instruction or all virtual. That may change in the upcoming weeks.” Lilienthal said.

But in Crawford County, a different story is painted.

“School districts really needs to look at what options they have working in partnership with the Department of Education and make sure they are doing the right thing for students.” Lilienthal said.

“While it’s clearly not ideal; in the middle of a global pandemic, everybody is going to adjust and adapt. We’re going to continue to offer the best education we can.” said Neal Brokman, Erie School District’s Executive Director of Operations.

Brokman adding there is no official date to resume in-person learning as of right now, explaining they will monitor COVID-19 numbers.

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