Pennsylvania State Police honor Millcreek woman for helping a state trooper in an incident last fall

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Pennsylvania State Police are honoring a Millcreek woman’s efforts in helping a state trooper in an incident last fall.

We went to Lawrence Park at the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks after learning more about why one brave citizen is being celebrated.

One citizen is being honored for stepping up after witnessing a state trooper in a potentially dangerous situation.

Liliya Steblak is being honored with meritorious citizenship award for her courage.

One morning in late October, Steblack heard gunshots from her home in Millcreek and called for backup when she witnessed a lone trooper who had chased down an armed suspect.

“As a citizen I think just for us to be brave, for our community, and people to be brave. To not be afraid to respond and help out our law enforcement,” said Liliya Steblak, Meritorious Citizenship Award.

That is just what she did and why she is being honored. Steblak also provided first aid to the suspect after the trooper shot him in the hand.

“From the whole experience I think the real gratitude and applause should go to our law enforcement and the people that truly put their lives at risk to defending our communities,” said Steblak.

The Pennsylvania State Trooper who was assisted said that Steblak was his lifeline that day in October.

“She could have easily gone inside her house, stayed there and been of no assistance. She was my lifeline,” said Trooper Timothy McConnell, Patrol Member of the Girard Station.

Trooper McConnell said that he was stuck with a difficult situation and is grateful Steblek was able to help.

“I had no radio. I had no cell phone. So it was just me and him until backup arrived. When that would have been, nobody knows,” said Trooper McConnell.

Some state troopers said that it is comforting to know there are people like Steblack out there who are willing to help police.

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