Pennsylvania state representatives weigh in on delays in unemployment programs

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Over one month ago, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program was implemented across the commonwealth.

State representatives said that some Pennsylvania residents have turned to their offices seeking help to receive these benefits.

Here is more on what state representative offices are hearing from constituents.

State representative offices said that they receive many phone calls from residents concerned about their unemployment benefits.

Staff from State Representative Ryan Bizzarro’s office said that since December their offices have put over 300 unemployment cases through the Department of Labor and Industry.

“We’re there to sort of filter them in the right direction and try to make sure that their claims get through because people need their money,” said Joshua Kaufer, Chief of Staff for Representative Ryan Bizzarro.

Kaufer added that Bizzarro’s office has helped constituents who have had issues communicating with the Department of Labor and Industry.

Kaufer said that for those who file and qualify for unemployment, it may take some time to hear back from the Department of Labor and Industry, but the department will eventually get people the money they need.

“If there are issues with their unemployment case in particular, that feedback process does take a little while,” said Kaufer.

Kaufer said in some instances it’s a matter of claimants information not being up to date or listed in the wrong area.

“We want everyone that qualifies for those funds to get that money, but in order for that to happen the right paperwork has to get through,” said Kaufer.

Staff from State Representative for the Fourth Legislative District Curt Sonney’s office said that they are also in a position to help constituents release a statement.

“Your state representative may be able to assist you if you are unable to reach them by phone or email. Claimants should reach out to their local state representative to inquire.”

The Department of Labor and Industry recommends reaching them at for assistance with filing unemployment claims.

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