Pennsylvania Supreme Court eases rules on mail-in voting and counting

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We’re just weeks away from the Presidential election and it appears Pennsylvania’s ballot is finally set. This comes as the state supreme court granted the Democratic Party’s mail-in ballot extension.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is siding with the Democratic Party on new changes for voters, just weeks before the 2020 election.

One part of the decision is meant to ease fears about fraud.

“If a ballot comes in, and is not in a secured envelope then it is essentially void. We have to follow that.” said Carl Anderson III, Erie County Councilman.

The part of the court ruling getting the most attention is that mail-in ballots received up to three days after Election Day will be counted.

This decision comes as the pandemic forces voting changes and postal service delays. The Vice Chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee says there is no excuse for an extension.

“You have enough time to get these applications in to receive the ballot, there’s no reason to have to linger it on in my opinion.” said Ann Grunewald.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Erie County Council members are reviewing ways to be sure all residents have the chance to vote.

Councilman Anderson says council will attempt to add more drop boxes for residents that aren’t comfortable heading to the polls.

Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Jim Wertz says requests were made early on for more drop box locations.

“I’m very grateful we have that one, but I think an expansion might benefit focus that have some mobility issues.” Wertz said.

The court also approving more ballot collection sites and kicking the Green Party’s Presidential candidate off the November ballot.

Anderson says there will be 149 voting precincts in 123 locations, adding that they have more than enough poll workers that will be at each area on Election Day.

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