People around Erie region react to President Trump’s speech on border wall

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President Trump is calling the situation at the border a crisis and is urging Democrats to take action and fund a wall. 

“I am a California resident, so we go to Mexico on a regular basis, all the time and if you really talk to with people that live on the border, you will see that the situation is very, very different because there is a lot of commerce going on on the border,” said Julio Reyes, owner of Latino’s restaurant. 

Reyes says sometimes it’s hard for him to express his feelings about the politics surrounding the border due to fear of retaliation. “He is creating just unnecessary fear, making it a scam for some people to grab that attention, I hope that this ends soon,” Reyes added. 

As the stalemate continues over funding for the wall, one local Republican says this is an issue every American no matter where you are should take seriously. “We need to welcome a reasonable number of immigrants every year that can integrate into society without taking jobs away from Americans that are already here,” said Verel Salmon, Erie County Republican Party chairman. “These people are largely desperate and they’re going to take a chance to work at lower wages and so fourth that you let it go wide open. It would hurt the American worker.”

President Trump has cited controlling violence and illegal drug activity at the border as the immediate reasons for a wall.The president is demanding around $6 billion in federal funding for this proposed wall.

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