Peregrine falcon released into wild after being treated for injury

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As Erie County currently stands in the yellow phase, a peregrine falcon is moving into a new green phase of his own.

It’s all clear skies and flying high for a little peregrine falcon that was injured back in February.

Here is a little back story on peregrines. Back in 1972 the species was placed on the endangered species list.

Perry is a young peregrine falcon who was found outside of a local Top’s. The bird crossed paths with Andy Hueser of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

“We suspect he may have come from Erie. It’s unbanded, so we don’t know,” said Andy Hueser from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Perry was taken to tamarack where their team assessed and treated the bird. Turns out the little guy had a broken bone in his wing.

“These guys can reach over 200 mph when they dive for prey. He may have hit a power line or slammed into a window. We’re not sure,” said Carol Holmgren, Executive Director of Tamarack Wildlife Center.

After stabilizing the bird, he was taken to a surgeon in West Virginia.

The staff at Tamarack has since rehabilitated Perry through physical therapy and reconditioning post surgery.

Staff members excitingly reintroduced Perry to the wild. The hope is to increase the population of the species.

It’s believed that Perry comes from a nest in Erie of peregrine falcons that call Don Jon home.

Since Tamarack has started the program, they have gotten the species off of the endangered list and moved to the threatened list in PA.

Even with the ongoing pandemic, the crew at Tamarack has been busy.

“To be able to bring back this threatened bird during a pandemic with the help of colleagues and our supporters gives me goosebumps,” said Holmgren.

Hueser said that it is super rewarding and it is good that they could do their part in order to help this species on it’s way to recover.

This year so far, Tamarack has helped over 250 animals. Tamarack has also helped 100 animals since the pandemic began.

The staff at Tamarack said that they believe Perry will be just fine in the wild.

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