One local volunteer fire department is proposing to discontinue services outside of Summit Township.

Perry Hi-Way Hose Company officials recently informed several municipalities that they will no longer provide ambulance coverage on a mutual aid basis after May 1. The company intends to continue all services in Summit Township.

Erie County Executive Brenton Davis sent out a letter on Friday to address municipal officials, fire crews and EMS personnel. The letter stated the proposal would put Erie County residents at greater risk if an EMS resource is unwilling to provide services.

“What Perry Hi-Way is intending to do in terms of notifying neighbors that they’re unwilling to provide EMS services into those other communities puts a real hole in our system,” said Jessica Horan-Kunco, Erie County Planning Department.

Leaders from the EMS and fire recruitment and retention committee said they have been addressing a crisis in emergency services since 2019.

They’re concerned about the impact this would have on Erie County residents.

“It’s a real dangerous precedent that they set. We really know that there are over 40,000 calls for EMS in Erie County on a given year, and we need all our providers to be able to support our citizens in their time of need,” Horan-Kunco added.

One leader from the Erie County Department of Public Safety says they hope to reach an agreement with Perry Hi-Way Hose Company.

“We will engage with emergency service providers, such as Perry Hi-Way Hose Company and municipal officials, to determine what the next steps are after this,” said John Grappy, director, Erie County Department of Public Safety.

The president of the Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. said they plan to work with some neighboring townships moving forward.

“They are just taking advantage of us. They don’t want to step up and do their job and make sure that their municipality is covered with adequate EMS coverage and we get called there multiple times every month. And quite frankly, we’ve had enough,” said Jon Spaulding, president, Perry Hi-Way Hose Co.

A committee meeting on this proposal is scheduled on Feb. 14 at 2 p.m. at the Erie County Public Safety building.