Perry Square Alliance celebrates 10th anniversary

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Erie’s Perry Square Alliance is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary.

A decade ago, then business owner Gloria Knox set out to improve the appearance of Erie’s downtown park. At the time, there wasn’t much grass, the park was dark, and it wasn’t a very inviting space.

In the past ten years, thanks to Knox, volunteers, sponsors, the city, and the Perry Square Alliance, many improvements have been made all over Perry Square.

There are gardens on all four corners and throughout the square. Lighting has been improved, the fountain has been renovated. The Alliance, in partnership with the Downtown Partnership and Erie Community Foundation, is responsible for the giant Christmas tree as well, and the hanging flower baskets on State Street.

“Everything was muddy, thread bare grass, three working lights on both sides, which makes for a very dark park. Now look at it,” said Gloria Knox, Founding Board Member, Perry Square Alliance.

“There’s momentum building in downtown, specifically Perry Square. We’re excited to be a part of it. There are a number of different ideas out there that people have to help us move forward and add things to the park. The most immediate one is an upgrade to the electrical infrastructure,” said Jeff Brinling, President, Perry Square Alliance.

Erie Gives day is coming August 13, and the Perry Square Alliance encourages you to financially support its continuing mission to improve the square.

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