Persico speaks on diocese restructuring

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First the schools, now the parishes. Big changes continue for the Diocese of Erie. Now, Bishop Persico is speaking on these recent changes.

The first of a three-part plan for restructuring the diocese in unveiled, and Bishop Persico says it’s change that is necessary.

The preliminary plan includes merging some parishes with others, creating either new stand-alone parishes or new partnered parishes.

The Bishop says it’s the biggest change he’s seen in the diocese but that they had to do something.

Instead of forcing the changes on everyone at the last minute, the diocese is trying to plan, so that everyone is ready as things change. Persico says there’s not much time left to make the system healthy and help it move forward.

He says he knows where the concerns are coming from.

No churches are set to close as part of the restructuring. 

More changes are expected to be announced later tonight.

While leaders say the two biggest changes in the diocese have already happened, things will be constantly changing. Next is Faith Formation and the diocese administration.

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