PI 100: Venturing off the cement path of Presque Isle State Park

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With about four million visitors a year, Presque Isle is not exactly a secret, but there are parts of the Peninsula where you can get away from the crowds, parts that are definitely off the beaten path.

There’s plenty to see and enjoy if you venture off of the cement path of Presque Isle State Park.

From land to water to sandy beaches, Presque Isle State Park is known for it’s natural beauty.

Many people also like to kayak in the lagoons. The park also brings in people from out of state.

Mark Griffith makes the journey from Fairmount, West Virginia to fish on his boat.

“You’re lucky if you can catch two a day at home. Here when it’s right, you’ll catch 30,” said Mark Griffith, Presque Isle Visitor from West Virginia.

Albert Dietrich loves casting his rod and reel at least twice a week at his favorite fishing spot by Perry Monument.

“Bluegill, perch, bass, once in a while you’ll catch a catfish or something. Just kind of relax and get away from the house,” said Albert Dietrich, Presque Isle Visitor.

Speaking of off the beaten path, another key feature to Presque Isle State Park is it’s eleven miles of hiking trails.

“Those are nice yes. You just kind of get away from the crowd and mosey on through, suck up the fresh air and escape,” said Bill Yeager, Presque Isle Visitor.

Yeager said that you deal with people everyday and those trails are like an escape.

“A nice walk in the woods is like a form of meditation, it really relieves the stress of the day,” said Yeager.

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