PI 365 – Coast Guard of Erie Open House

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When you think of the US Coast Guard, you probably think of water safety and rescues, but these days, Coast Guard members are asked to do a lot more.

Part of that mission is to teach the public about what the Coast Guard is doing these days. 

You may not know that the roots of the Coast Guard go back to the late 1700’s or that after 9/11, the branch became part of the Department of Homeland Security.  But,k you may learn more about the Coast Guard coming up with an open house at the coast guard station Erie.

For instance, Coast Guard members would rather teach the public the rules of navigation before enforcing the law and making arrests.

Alex Gonzolez of the US Coast Guard, says, “I feel like some of them are unaware that there are rules out there on the water and operating and there are rules, just like you were driving a car.”

Other demonstrations will teach nautical knot tying and what equipment is out there to keep your family safe on the water.

The other goal is to do all that with an event that keeps things fun in the hopes of giving people an appreciation of the work Coast Guard members do in Erie and around the country every day.

“Should be a good time, I think there should be some refreshments as well, so yeah!”

The US Coast Guard Open House will take place on Sunday, May 19th from 12:30pm until 4pm. It will be held at the Coast Guard Station Erie on Presque Isle State Park. It is free and open to the public.

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