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Winter is a great time to go hiking at Presque Isle State Park. But, rangers are warning that hiking on the newly forming ice dunes can quickly become life-threatening.

They are massive and majestic, ice dunes; sometimes huge formations that usually take shape along the water line. 

Forged by air, water, and temperatures, they can be solid one place and hollow a few steps away.

Bryan Hogan of Presque Isle State Park says, “they’ll come and go dependent on the weather. When it gets solid, they’ll get bigger and bigger. It’s basically water coming in and splashing and it just keeps freezing and building up.”

Beautiful to behold, but dangerous to travel, which could quickly turn a nice day at the park into a life and death emergency, which is why there is one rule; stay off. 

Hogan warns, “If you go down or are injured or go through or trip, now you’re putting someone else’s safety at risk and if you’re alone, there may be no help for you”.

So, we have some ice dune tips:

  • You can walk on the beach, but never walk on the dunes.
  • Never walk past the shoreline ice over the water.

Dunes protect the beaches from erosion, so let them do their jobs. 

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