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Ask a biologist and you’ll hear that there are no mermaids in the Great Lakes, but that’s all changing this March. 

There won’t be any leprechauns on Presque Isle this Saint Patrick’s Day, but there will be magical creatures.  Mermaids will be there, thanks to a new program based on the Debbie Shilling children’s book ‘Mermaids of the Great Lakes’.

The book is a blend of magic mixed with real-life Great Lakes creatures; a fun way to teach kids real-life plants and animals. 

Emily Pritchard of Presque Isle State Park tells us, “The book is a wonderful [resource of] plants and animals that you can find in the Great Lakes and puts a mythical spin on them and creates these wonderful mermaids.”

Kids can read about the mermaids and use art skills to create their own or other creatures of the deep.  And, there’s more; Pritchard tells us, “As an added bonus, we have a local photographer coming in who specializes in sort of fantasy photo shoots and you’re going to have the opportunity to have a mermaid themed mini photo shoot with a local photographer.”

Mermaids of the Great Lakes is set for March 17th from 1-3pm at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.  The program aims at ages 7-13, but all are welcome.  There is a $20 cost for painting supplies and pictures. 

Reservations can be made at 814-833-7424.

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