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Some people like to stay inside when the snow starts to blow, but staff members at Presque Isle say you’re missing a whole different park experience than what the summer brings.

Having fun on Presque Isle State Park doesn’t end on Labor Day.  In fact, park staff insists that with good planning and good winter clothes, the park can be a completely different and satisfying experience.  Upcoming programs include learning about park animals in winter, a winter night hike, and on December 27th, a chance to walk around in snowshoes.

Stacey Marendt of Presque Isle State Park tells us, “We’re going to have snowshoe demonstrations. So; you come in anytime between 10am and one o’clock and we’ll fit you up with a pair of snowshoes, explain to you how to put them on properly, and you go for a little walk outside around the Tom Ridge Environmental Center”.

It’s all designed to prove that you don’t have to shut down when the snow comes down and that Presque Isle can be enjoyable to visit all year ’round.  “There’s no excuse to sit at home and be bored–get the kids out get yourself out, come out and have a good time…”

There’s a lot to do this winter on Presque Isle State Park.  To learn more, go to www.trecpi.org.  

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