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Its been a tradition for 36 years for the Benedictine Sisters to host a Pilgrimage for Peace on Good Friday.
And this year was no different,the sisters bundling up on this chilly day to pray for peace at seven locations in Erie.
“So we walk in the foot steps of Jesus said sister Anne Wambach “and we try to ask others to do what he did to live life loving others and giving everyone in need what they need”
More than 100 people coming out to show their support.
Prayers were made during the walk at Community Health Net, Emmaus Soup Kitchen, Neighborhood Art House, Neighborhood Watch Park,St Benedictine Education Center and the Federal Courthouse.
Every location the sisters stopped at in downtown Erie had a specific purpose and message they were praying for.
“The homeless, the sick, the suffering, the hungry” said Wambach “and we want to call attention to the fact that we can make this world a better place and it is the duty of all of us to bring respect to all “
For one woman she comes to the pilgrimage every year saying this year is a little different as they share Pope Francis’s message.
“Because within our own city we have the marginalized” said Kathleen Kutz “we will be going to the Health Net well be going to the Emmaus  soup kitchen and the people that need to be served in the city come to these places”
The sisters telling JET 24 Pope Francis has called for a Year of Mercy so all of the locations that were prayed for were based on workings of mercy.

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