Pit Bull advocates react to weekend altercation

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From the square face, to the muscular shoulders and of course that ferocious bite, the pit bull is easy to spot.
This breed has gained national attention for it’s aggression — even over the weekend here in Erie, when two pit bulls attacked their neighbors.
“The pit bull can do damage. I mean their jaw their muscle structure. They can do damage when they bite,” said Ruth Thompson, the founder and director of the ANNA Shelter. 
But, the ANNA shelter and dog owners tell us that aggression isn’t necessarily associated with the breed. 
“It only comes from the owner and their ability to train the dog,” said Ricky Lowers, a pit bull owner. 
Thompson says with the right training, any pit bull can be well behaved and gentle. 
More than half of the ANNA Shelter’s dogs are pit bulls, and the stigma keeps some people from wanting to take them home. 
“They’re a nanny breed. They’re fantastic with children. Brought up in the right environment and kept in a right environment, they’re amazing dogs,” said Thompson. 
She added that every dog at the ANNA shelter goes through temperament testing before going to a new home.

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