Erie’s Rib Fest continued Friday night with vendors from across the county showing off their prized ribs, wings, and barbeque chicken.

We spoke with some of those out of town pitmasters who brought their flavor to Erie.

Throw ’em on the grill, and slather em up with barbeque sauce. Erie Rib Fest returns to downtown Erie.

Quite a few pitmasters from out-of-state are there too; Texas, North Carolina, Virginia to name a few.

Cowboys BBQ from Fort Worth, Texas has been on the road all summer hitting up festivals.

“Coming to Erie is a lovely thing because the people to me, is the nicest. I have great people who come and look forward to seeing us,” said Marlan Thomas of Cowboys BBQ.

What does it mean to travel from city to city?

“We do that all over I mean, we hit Fargo, Fort Wayne, Sioux Falls, we do a lot of small cities, this is a big city to me, you know what I’m saying, you know they stay open till two o’clock so a lot of cities don’t stay open that long,” Thomas said.

Johnson’s BBQ in Virginia Beach, Virginia is another business here in Erie.

“Well first of all, it may be a small city but they support it big time, they come out in big numbers that’s one of the reasons we come out is that it’s one of the better shows in the country to be this size,” said Dan Johnson of Johnson’s BBQ

He enjoys the friendly compitition with his fellow pitmasters.

‘I think it’s great because people get a chance to test and see where the best barbeque comes from. I you got people from Ohio, you got people from all over the county here,” Johnson went on to say.

Rib Fest continues Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. before wrapping up Sunday at 6 p.m.