Places to stay cool in the area

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As people are trying to beat the heat, we went to some of the places where folks like to stay cool.  

A popular place to go is the Millcreek Mall.  People were shopping, grabbing some cold drinks from the food court, and of course, enjoying the mall’s air conditioner.  But, the mall isn’t the only place people go to escape the heat. 

Shopper Antoine Moffatt says some ideas are to go “swimming… down at Perry Square, get wet… or Splash Lagoon, or just go to the Waterpark at Waldameer.”

Shopper Melissa Brown says, “We got our Subway drink and just walking around a little bit. “

Besides Presque Isle and those listed above, what are some other places in the area to stay cool?  What are your plans?  Tell us on Facebook.

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