Plastek Group looking to hire new workers; increasing starting wage to $15

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The national worker shortage is impacting a variety of industries. In Erie, several manufacturing companies are feeling the strain.

One manufacturing company is looking to hire 50 new, local employees. Current employees say there is room to move up the ladder at Plastek.

Local employment recruiters say while there is a demand for workers everywhere, workers are demanding more from their employers. Staff from Career Concepts say the manufacturing industry may have a leg up on hiring if they are willing to offer more.

“They are willing to make those changes, I see a lot of flexibility and pay increases and changes with benefits, being eligible for benefits right away when they get hired.” said Emily Jetty, Account Manager at Career Concepts.

According to Jetty, the past year has been a learning curve for employers.

“The pandemic really forced companies to do better and pay better and employees kind of made out finally. Companies are having to look at the negatives and turn it around.” Jetty said.

Plastek is looking to hire as many as many as 50 new employees. They say enticements include good wages and a solid benefits package.

“Plastek is a family business and we’re going to continue on and we need good, skilled people. We need people that want to be here for a long time, we’re a career path.” said Dennis Prischak, President of Plastek Industries.

Prischak says their company pays new employees $15/hour

“Plastek offers good pay, good benefits, management really takes care of the employees and treats employees fairly.” said Ferdinand, an employee of Plastek.

Another employee says in her six years with Plastek, mobility is what she likes best. She says she was first a machine operator when she first started.

“I trained my way up and then I was training other employees as well. I had the opportunity to come upstairs to be an administrative assistant.

You can click here for more information on Plastek and the positions they are looking to fill.

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