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The unofficial start of summer has little ones clamoring to get to the playground, but experts warn that just one piece of equipment can put children at an increased risk for injuries.

One study says that more than 350,000 children under the age of six were injured on slides in the US between 2002 and 2015.  Researchers note that if a child was coming down the slide by themselves, even if their foot caught on the side of the slide, they were less likely to be injured.

Dr. Purva Grover of Cleveland Clinic Children’s says, “When we look at kids playing tag, is that the safest place to play tag? I’m not sure- is it fun? Yes, it’s fun, but is it the safest thing to do when you’re running up those ladders or falling off or jumping off things  is that really what we should be doing?”

So, get a good look at the playground to make sure there’s no debris that could injure kids.  And, keep in mine, open-toed sandals and flip-flops are a bad idea.

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