PNC’s 27th annual economic seminar

Local News

Regional President of PNC Northwestern Pennsylvania Jim Stevenson said that there are close to 600 million dollars of investments that are happening in Erie.

Greg Valliere is the Chief U.S Policy Strategist. He said there are concerns but nothing to be too worried about. “The trade war in particular but we’ve got a very strong labor market,” said Valliere.

Speakers shed light on the trade war between the U.S and China. “It escalated another notch or two last week,” said PNC’s Senior Economic Advisor Stuart Hoffman. In July, the unemployment rate fell in 17 states which experts say is a positive sign. “Erie after a couple years of losing jobs is back on track,” said Hoffman.

Stevenson said that Erie’s economic growth has had success thus far. “We see the success of the Erie Downtown Development Corporation and the highly successful Erie Homecoming last week,” he said. Speakers at the event assured that a recession doesn’t look eminent.

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