Pokémon Go creates safety concerns at Erie Zoo

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Pokémon Go is creating safety concerns across the nation and in Erie.

Scott Mitchell, director of the Erie Zoo, said the zoo has seen around 30 people a day trying to “catch ’em all.”

Pokémon Go is a new game that takes users all over, trying to capture different Pokémon characters.

The app uses GPS to detect where and when a person is in the game and makes the Pokémon “appear” around the user.

As the user moves around, different and more types of Pokémon appear.

The zoo has several Pokémon spots, however, Mitchell said people are wandering into areas that are not safe.

“That’s the concern,” Mitchell said. “They have to be within a certain proximity of the Pokémon and if one shows up in a place that is restricted access, we’re hoping people don’t blindly walk into one of those places.”

Mitchell said the perk of the game is that it gets more people out and visiting the zoo. 

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