Schools may be out, but the battle to keep kids doing the right thing happens all year long.

There’s one of the reasons why the Police Athletic League is holding a week long summer camp.

Here is more on improving the relationships between police and kids.

We’re told by students that they are certainly considering working in law enforcement for the City of Erie because they’ll be the helping hand for their community.

These students from elementary through high school are hopping their way to reach the hands of their pals in law enforcement.

That is what the Police Athletic League, also known as PAL, is known for.

Middle schoolers Abigail and Jason said that they’ve been in the program for the past four years. They are considering careers in law enforcement when the times comes.

Both said that PAL has been the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with the police at the Boys and Girls Club facility.

“Because helping our community makes our community look way better than what it is and helps inspire other people to help,” said Abigail Hawkins, 7th Grader, PAL Program.

“They teach us all about being police officers and show us that it’s not as bad as what people think it is,” said Jason Harris, 7th Grader, PAL Program.

This program is all about bringing the youth to get inspired for the good.

Both students said that Sgt. Thomas Lenox and others have face-to-face conversations with them on topics including respecting each other and the police.

Students from Lenox and other police officers assure them that there are good cops that they can trust.

Far too many young people have open access to social media so they see the police brutality that takes place outside of Erie.

“Let’s see Chicago is having, no we’re not. So we’re going to stay focused and we can’t lose site and we have a lot of good kids in our community that are going to change this city some day,” said Sgt. Thomas Lenox, City of Erie Police.

This is a program that is not only for the summer, but takes place for students after school during the school year.

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