Police continue to search for suspect in Thursday West Side shooting after video shows suspects vehicle

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Erie Police have releasing surveillance video in a deadly shooting that happened on the West Side outside of Juliet’s Gentleman’s Club.

Police are continuing to look for two suspects in this case, and right now they are hoping this video will help them with the investigation. Although there is no sound, you can see the two suspects driving down Schenley Drive, get out of the car, and begin shooting at another vehicle parked in the clubs parking lot.

“Started firing at the vehicle in a rapid fashion. It only lasted a few seconds, and the two suspects got back into the vehicle and left the area northbound on Schenley,” said Deputy Chief Mike Nolan, Erie Police Department.

Three men were inside the victims car and two of them were shot. It has been confirmed one of those men is 23-year-old Michael Taylor, who died of a gunshot would to the head.

With violence entering the neighborhood, some neighbors are left questioning their future.

“At this point if it turns into what it used to (be), we’d have to move. We’d just know it wouldn’t be a place to live. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, beautiful area, everything’s great about this place, but that.,” said Dominic Pranti, neighbor.

Another neighbor reflected on how she hopes to never relive what happened Thursday ever again.

“Hoping this gets better and this doesn’t happen again. I’m hoping for a better way,” said Marcia Lawrence, neighbor.

Right now, it is believed that the suspects in this shooting are two black men, who are in their twenties, and have a thin build.

At this time Erie Police are not releasing the name of the other victim, however did explain that each of the men in the victims car were originally from Detroit.

The second man who was shot has been staying in Erie throughout the last several weeks, and the other two were here visiting him.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 870-1120.

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