Police demand Google remove Waze app that alerts drivers of police locations

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New York Police are demanding Google remove an app feature from the Waze App that allows users to point out where police are located.

The app allows users to navigate around the city and avoid traffic jams and car accidents. What is concerning to the NYPD is the function allowing users to locate where police are.

Junior at Gannon University Brian Elias says, “I can work with my music and everything. It also has a bunch of users reported police stops and stuff like that, so I know where the cops are hiding… if it’s risky.”

The New York Police Department sending a ‘Cease and Desist’ letter to Google, demanding their Waze App remove a feature allowing users to report police locations.

Professor Adam Wandt at John Jay College says, “you could pre-examine the map and take a different route, putting population at risk…”

Waze App User Alex Moldovah says the app provides more than just an escape from authorities. “You can interact with other drivers, really find out what roads are closed… if there is any traffic, you can redirect around that to find the fast route to your destination.” 

The app has been around since 2006.  Allowing drivers to navigate and notify others about traffic jams, road hazards, crashes, and police locations.

“Putting police in the Waze app, like showing where they are could pose a safety risk because they will try their best where there are no police.”

Google saying in a statement on Wednesday safety was a “top priority” also “informing drivers about upcoming speed traps allow them to be more careful and make safer decisions when they’re on the road”. 

When asking Waze App users if  they would still use the app even if the police function was taken off, they say that they still will due to the feature that allows them to see upcoming construction.

Elias says he does not feel taking the feature off will prevent people from giving the location of police away due to other platforms.

He says, “People will really just find a way around it, it’s not that difficult to Tweet it or post it to Facebook.”

 The app also informs drivers of the speed limits and if they are driving over the speed limit.

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