Police find 85 suspected ‘one-pot’ meth labs in latest bust

Local News

Overnight, Millcreek Township Police Department and PA State Police bust an alleged meth lab in Millcreek. The bust occurring in the 6100 block of Meridian Drive. 

Tuesday night, a search warrant was served to 49-year-old John Thorr, Jr. for an undisclosed reason. While there, authorities discovered 32-year-old Amanda Trask and 36-year-old Richard Vollmer, Jr., both currently having outstanding warrants.

While arresting Trask and Vollmer, authorities discovered 85 ‘one-pot’ labs.

Millcreek Township Police Lieutenant Donald Kucenski tells us, “We’re not terribly surprised when we come across something of that nature. It kind of pops up about anywhere, again, that scale of it was a bit surprising.”

Bail was set at $50,000 for both Trask and Thorr, and at $75,000 for Vollmer.

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