Police investigating fatal weekend shooting; two charged, two more suspects may be involved

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We start tonight with the search for two suspects in a murder investigation.

Two others have already been charged in the case.

Erie Police explain that they believe that the shooting death could be part of a drug deal gone wrong.

As Erie Police continue to investigate the shooting death of a yet unidentified 26-year-old man, neighbors near where the body was found remain distraught.

“Very shocking, surprised. Never expected anything like that to happen in our neighborhood, but these things can happen anywhere I guess,” said James DiTullio, neighborhood resident.

Erie Police believe that four people planned on robbing a man as part of a marijuana deal. Then, after a suspected altercation, a man was fatally shot and left for dead in the 300 block of Southgate Drive late Sunday afternoon.

“It’s not something that’s normally associated in that neighborhood. It was kind of an unusual event. This is not something that we are going to expect to see, you know, a reoccurring type of situation,” said Chief Dan Spizarny, Erie Police Department.

According to police, they were able to stop a woman driving a grey Honda vehicle in a Taco Bell parking lot.

Inside of the car was 19-year-old Melissa Seaman and 22-year-old Michael Toles, who have both since been charged with criminal homicide of the first degree and criminal conspiracy to commit robbery.

Police believe two others were in the car at the time of the shooting and fled the scene on foot.

It is also believed that those suspects were involved in an attempted car jacking in the Burger King parking lot.

“We did get some good information from the original victim of the attempted car jacking, some identifying characteristics that we are not ready to release. We’re matching them up with some other information we have. Obviously, we believe these individuals did get out of the area, we just don’t know how at this point,” said Deputy Chief Mike Nolan, Erie Police Department.

At this time, police have not located the murder weapon. An autopsy of the victim is scheduled to happen at some point tomorrow, January 21, 2020.

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