Police investigating multiple shots fired incidents early Sunday morning

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Residents in one neighborhood in the City of Erie say that it was another sleepless night after hearing shots fired in the early hours of the morning.

Erie Police are currently investigating two shootings that happened around the same area this morning. Neighbors say sadly this is something they are not surprised by.

Neighbors surrounding the 600 block of East 24th Street were awaken Sunday by gunfire. Police say they responded to the outside of Rumor’s Lounge at around 2:15 a.m.

“Its something that we were worried about fro the beginning. We were worried that it was going to turn into another place like the Energy Club on 22nd and Wayne and that’s something that we were hoping would not happen. Unfortunately, the last two weekend last night were really bad and last weekend, there was four shots fired.” said Kathy Fisher.

According to police, 13 shell casings were recovered in this shooting. Two cars were damaged and a gun was recovered nearby. One resident explaining that this sort of crime in her neighborhoods is causing.

“Last night, I was sleeping. My son was awake, he did hear the shots and its terrible that he wants us to move out of this area. We’re trying to make it more of a community and more of looking out for one another.” said Mary Moore.

Hours later, Erie Police say they received another shots fired call just blocks away to the 700 block of East 22nd, outside of Club Energy.

Police say that this call came in around 4:15 and when on scene officers found nine shell casings. Residents in that area explaining that this is an ongoing issue that they thought they were past.

“They shouldn’t be putting us through this, if they want to be neighbors, and don’t do this. Do this at a respectable hour and there is no respectable hour with these people.” said Laurene Rinsel.

“You know there’s going to be more shootings because the hotter the weather, the more tempers flare and the more people that are in there and its just getting to the point of ‘What do we do next?'”

One neighbor going on to explain the only way she can see a better future is by everybody working together.

“If its something that can’t be controlled with an ordinance, than it should at least be something that we’ve been working and trying to get this out of the residential neighborhoods and into the commercial neighborhood.”

According to police, there were no injuries and it is unknown if these two shootings are connected. They are continuing to investigate.

The City of Erie is currently working on two ordinances that relate to after hours clubs. They are working to have those on city council agenda for the July 15th meeting.

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